Sunday, September 02, 2012

My First iBook

I've attempted to produce an iBook describing a few simple 4wd trails and hikes in the Mojave Desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  I did this several months ago, and then got distracted with other things.  I'm still distracted and so I haven't had the attention to figure out the complicated parts of the meta-data fields required before posting to iTunes (I'm not the sharpest tool).  Since I was planning to offer this one free, I figure I'd simply post it here for the time being.

This booklet covers hikes and drives that anyone with a stock SUV can handle, and are not far from the highway.  The destinations are: Cow Cove Petroglyphs, Valley Wells Miners' Caves, Shaman's Eye, and Kessler Peak.  Most of these are located within the Mojave National Preserve.

I've posted the 50 MB file to my Google Drive.  If you have an iPad, then you might check it out.   You can download it using this link:

To install it, simply drag it into iTunes onto "Books" in the left column (or into the Books pane if you click on Books first).  Then sync your iPad and it should show up.  It requires the iBooks app to be installed on your iPad, but that's free.  Unfortunately, the iBooks Author app does not produce iBooks that can be viewed on the iPhone - only the iPad.  We all expect that to change soon.

When I do get around to posting it to iTunes, they may require some small changes and so that version may differ a bit.


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