Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Clouds Rest

I finally got around to hiking Clouds Rest in Yosemite NP.  It was long and very tiring, but still a lot of fun.  I started at Tenaya Lake, so the round-trip distance was over 14 miles.  It took me 7.5 hours.  The temperature was in the upper 70s and there were almost no mosquitos.  Here's the summitpost page for Clouds Rest.  

This is a popular hike, so I did it on a week day and was rewarded with 15 minutes alone on the summit.  That let me take photos without other people blocking the view.

Here's a close-up of Half Dome.

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Joe said...

Very nice. Thanks for posting! How was the weather? How did the creeks (if any) look? I hope there were no mosquitoes.