Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ultimate Factories

A friend suggested I might enjoy the TV show "Ultimate Factories." I don't have cable, so I checked youtube and found many episodes posted there.

It's actually interesting. Even a bit addictive. But then it hit me. They weren't telling me about the factories. The shows are all about the things being made in the factories. I want to learn about the factories. I want to know about the robots they use. How many? Who makes them? How much do they cost? How many people does it take to maintain them? How much training do they have to have? How complicated is the factory floor? What are the working conditions like? What is the throughput? What considerations were made when designing that factory? What choices did the factory designers have? ... I could go on and on.

As it is, the show is just a long mesmerizing ad for the merchandise being assembled in that factory.

And now ... I have a strange desire to go buy a Bentley Mulsane.

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