Monday, January 02, 2012

Graham Pass and More

I recently drove the 4wd road over Graham Pass in the Little Chuckwalla Mountains. The trail connects I-10 and the Bradshaw Trail, which I've driven before. It was a nice day, with temps in the high 60s and a light breeze. I wanted to get away from the city, drive some trails, and do a little light hiking.

I turned east on the Bradshaw Trail and continued on to Blythe. Here's a typical fire ring beside the road.

Then I came upon this sight. Somebody had dumped an old boat skeleton beside the trail. I don't remember seeing that the last time I was here.

From Blythe, I headed north to explore some service roads for power lines and natural gas pipelines.

I was surprised to discover that all the ones I chose happen to be signed as BLM routes. That's common in the area for power line service roads, but not for gas pipeline roads. The gas pipeline road was more rugged (normal) requiring me to slow to nothing every 100 yards for small washes across the road. (a Ford Raptor could have driven it at 80 mph)

I ended up at I-40 in the middle of nowhere, where I came upon a large graded area. Consulting Google maps later, this is apparently the "Camino Airstrip." Definitely no services here. Here's a google map centered on that spot.

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