Sunday, December 11, 2011

Big Daddy's

Yesterday I tried the new burger joint in town, Big Daddy's Fire Grill. This one is located in Pasadena at the corner of Foothill and Craig, right next door to an In-N-Out.

I had the Hawaii Five-O Burger. It was very good. The meat had flavor and tasted like other angus burgers I've had in the past. It could have used some teriyaki sauce (or something) though, and so was a little dry by itself. I got the "combo" which adds fries and a drink, and it cost me $10.

This meal cost me the same as I spent last week at Five Guys in Valencia. However the big Daddy's burger was much larger and had more flavor. Also, Big Daddy's fries was much larger than Five Guys. There were so many fries, I could not eat them all. I liked the cajun fries at Five Guys better. Heck, I like the fries at In-N-Out better than Big Daddy's. All said, I'll probably eat there again.

One more thing. I'm not sure what to think about the tag line on Big Daddy's web site, even ignoring the typo. I've included a screen cap below in case they change it.

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