Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Peaceful Desert

I went for a drive this weekend in the Mojave National Preserve. There were still small puddles of water from the rainfall the previous day. Snow dusted the tops of Clark Mountain and the Providence Mountains. The temps were a bit chilly (around 40F) but it was very pleasant.

I wanted to get away from the city and start listening to the Steve Jobs biography audiobook. That book is 24.5 hours long, so my drive only made a small dent into it. The next shot includes the top of Kelso Peak in the distant background. I hiked that years ago. It's a nice hike. Much easier than Cowhole Mountain or Old Dad Mountain.

I drove over to see if one of the trails in my map was open. It was not. It looked as if the government had blocked access a long time ago.

I stopped off at Kelso Dunes. It was too crowded for my taste. The parking lot was full. I took a few photos of the dunes and the people up on the ridge and summit.

Then I explored some trails east of the Granite Mountains. That was fun. I got out to scramble over some huge granite boulders and get some fresh air.

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