Sunday, September 04, 2011

Mazourka Canyon

After Papoose Flat, I continued south to Badger Flat and then down Mazourka Canyon to rejoin 395 at Independence. I wanted to continue on some utility roads south to Lone Pine, but a barbed wire fence across the road left me wondering if that route was open.

The road to Badger Flat was the most difficult I encountered on this trip. Several spots were harder than Laurel Canyon Road. I actually had to get out and recon two sections before driving them. I was still able to drive it all without engaging low range. Although, one spot would have been much easier if I had used low range. I almost got hung up on the tree root in the next photo.

The next photo was supposed to show the pointy jagged rocks sticking out of the road surface. But the camera auto-focused on the dirty windshield.

Here's some more pointy rocks to drive over.

More views of the Sierra mountains from the top of the Inyos.

This shot looks north, back down on Papoose Flat.

Mazourka Canyon is a boring downhill run down a windy graded dirt road. I just put the truck in 2nd gear and coasted, to save my brakes. I decided to not explore the spurs, such as Mazourka Peak. Maybe another day.

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