Thursday, September 01, 2011

Laurel Lakes Road

This is a fun road. It's not too hard, but it certainly makes you pay attention. I remember it being harder than it was this time. Maybe the conditions are better now. If you don't know where it is, here's a google map centered on the bottom of it. The first shot looks up from the bottom.

This shot looks back down at the bottom from the first switchback.

I didn't encounter very many other trucks. That was lucky since it's hard to pull over for long stretches of the road. A few trucks were coming up into the rough uphill section when I was going down. I found a place to pull over, leaving them what I thought was an easy route around me. But the other drivers were very hesitant. I think the hill might have been a bit more challenging for them.

I used this opportunity to test my new dashcam. I couldn't use my GoPro camera because the plastic mount was broken. I've ordered a replacement from Amazon. The dashcam is pretty decent. Although the colors are all brown/golden tinted. Probably a result of the very low sun angle and the vegetation and the detector response characteristics. My photos show the actual green of the landscape. meh What bugs me, is that the video fails to convey the scale of the boulders. You can get some sense by observing how far I steer the truck around some of the big rocks. But sometimes that's just so the rear tires end up going where I want them to go.

I only posted video of a small part of the road, to show some of the bouldery section. I slapped it together in iMovie. I also sped up most of it (no, I did not drive that fast through there). Sorry for the bug on the windshield. I should have cleaned the glass before starting.

ps: thanks Joe, for helping me with using youtube. i'm such a noob.

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