Friday, August 12, 2011

Stir Crazy

It's been two months since my surgery, and I'm going stir crazy. I'm ready to resume hiking, even though I'm not fully healed. While I can do loads of lunges and plenty of pushups, my abs haven't recovered their strength. I used to do 200 crunches each morning, and now I can barely do 10.

I'm planning a couple trips, just to focus on some targets. I'd like to head to the Mammoth area for 3 days or so for some hiking and 4wd touring. My plan currently includes: Laurel Canyon (a fun and scenic 4wd road), hiking Laurel Mountain and maybe Bloody Mountain, Copper Mountain 4wd trails, hiking in Lundy Canyon, and San Joaquin Ridge (scenic 4wd road) with a hike over Deadman Pass. At the same time, I'm planning a trip to southern Utah (Zion and thereabouts) for after Labor Day. I'm open to any suggestions for activities on those trips. My best adventures have been to places suggested by others.

Tomorrow, I'll go exploring some canyons in the Kiavah Wilderness Area, east of Lake Isabella.


tudorSD said...

I recently bought a RRS and came across your page... We have a lot in common including getting over recent surgery, Laurel Mountain being on the hit list and an obsession with Utah that results in frequent road trips.

Great site!

Michael said...

Thanks for the comment. You'll enjoy the RRS. I just returned from the Mammoth area and will be posting about that over the next week. I'd welcome any tips you have for trails or hikes I might enjoy.