Friday, July 08, 2011

Carte Blanche

I listened to the audiobook version of "Carte Blanche" by Jeffery Deaver. It's a newly released James Bond novel. This is the first James Bond book I've ever read and I wasn't disappointed. Sort of like the Robert Ludlum techno thriller "The Lazarus Vendetta" with lots of techie gadgets, a high-tech plotline, but also with the standard Bond fights and shootouts. It's all present-day settings and Bond is relatively new to the 00 ranks in this story line. I enjoyed how the characters ended up being more than initial appearances, and how the plot twisted several times. I also liked how the author would go through a scene of action from one person's point-of-view, then in the next chapter give you another person's POV and fill in many of the missing parts and nuances. I recommend the book if you like the genre.

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Joe said...

I really enjoy the James Bond audio books. They book is so much better than the movies.