Friday, June 10, 2011

Zion - Progeny Peak

Once again, I hiked Progeny Peak. I like this little hill. This time I tried a new route, and ended up following many cairns. It turned out to be the easiest route on the hill. There are short sections of class 3, but otherwise it's class 2, and I avoided all the rocks that slide when you step on them. Now I feel comfortable taking less experienced hikers on this hike.

The weather was great, with morning temperatures in the 70s and calm winds. It took me a while to go up because I was exploring new areas as I went. Descending took about 30 minutes. Here's a google map centered on Progeny. The map below shows the route I took this time (without exploration side trips).

The next map shows all the various places I've hiked and explored around this hill. All of those lines are approximate, since it's hard to precisely place my routes and landmarks against the google satellite imagery.

On one of my exploration side trips, I discovered that the northwest gully is an easy hike, especially on the west side of the gully.

From the road, you can't see the summit. You can't see much at all. Once you get 20 yards from the road, you can see the arch and the available routes.

A little further up the drainage wash you can make out more detail.

Sometimes I pause to realize that I probably could have found an easier route up a small section. Here's an example. I turned around to notice that I'd just walked up a rather steep section.

As you're walking up the wash, aim for this handy ramp-like feature.

Further up, follow the long section of cleaved rock.

Here's a shot looking back down that cleaved rock formation.

Hearing other hikers' voices, I found them far below me headed for Spry Canyon.

The gully on the northwest side of Progeny is indeed hikable. I don't know why I didn't notice this when I was below it on previous hikes.

Somebody created this novel cairn. It points the way down, directing hikers to go west from the dual-humped cleaved rock toward the long cleaved rocks I followed uphill.

The next shot looks down the traverse toward the double cleaved rock.

After that climbing traverse, I walked along this flat shelf traverse.

Then I came across another cairn. The tree in the distance was an ideal resting point because of the shade.

This is what the summit knob looks like from the shade of that tree.

I decided to leave my backpack at that tree and walk the short distance up to the summit.

I took a traverse route around the northwest side of the summit knob. Here's a shot looking back at the tree where my pack lies.

The route is easy to hike. Not too steep with plenty of footholds to pause if desired.

The summit.

Hikers have built an elaborate summit cairn. I sure wish they'd build a bench to sit on.

Here's a shot of the summit from the canyon to the south.

The next photo is taken from the summit looking south and shows where I was standing when I took the above photo.

The route shown here is the easiest route I've found on Progeny. As you can see from my route map, I've hiked all over this hill. Even along this route, I could have gone more directly up the hill - and I have done that in the past. My goal on this day was to explore the NW gully and to see just how easy a route I could find. It was a fun couple hours.

If you're interested, my other posts about Progeny Peak are here, here, and here.


Anonymous said...

very helpful, thank you

Noa said...

Thanks for all the informations !
Would it be possible to download the GPX or KMZ file ?


Michael said...

I'm sorry that I don't have any track files (GPX or KMZ/KML). I've never recorded those hikes on my GPS. They've been too easy. But I really ought to do that. I'll be there next week, and if I remember, I'll hike up Progeny and record a GPS track. I'll take this route = the easy way. I've lately been taking a more difficult route = sraight up the south face.

Michael said...

Check my latest post (Sept 6, 2016) for an update and a link to kml files.