Monday, June 13, 2011

Zion - Peak 6460 (Lost Peak)

I decided to try and hike to the top of peak 6460 on the east side of Zion NP. Last year I hiked to the saddle east of that peak. It's really a nice hike. Here's a google map centered on it.

I was surprised this year to see many footprints. There was practically a foot trail from the highway to the sandstone area northeast of the peak. Here's a view from the turnout where I parked.

And then again from the bottom of the wash. The hill on the left is easier to hike than it looks.

Last year I almost stepped on a rattlesnake along the way. But I didn't see any this time. After some trees, you get to the the back of the canyon.

Then turn right up the sandstone. You can see the summit behind the trees in the distance.

I turned around just below the summit, after reaching a chest-high shelf.

I could have clambered over the rock, but as I stood there looking at the hill ahead, it appeared that there'd be a couple more such obstacles. So I wimped out and turned back. Subsequent googling discovered a site documenting a 13yo boy's hike up that hill. So ... I now have a new nemesis hill. I'll get to the summit on my next trip out there in a few months.

Up there on the hill, I sat to admire the view and watched a peregrine falcon fly past below me. I've seen them in that area before, but they've always been above me.

It appears that this hill is named Lost Peak. I found another site that confirms something I was going to test - the southern slope is hikeable. My plan is to hike up the north ridge and down the south ridge.

For some pleasant hikes on the east side, I recommend this hike and Progeny Peak, for a nice half day of fun.

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