Monday, January 17, 2011

Zion NP East Side and Progeny Peak

I still haven't posted a blog entry about my last hike up Progeny Peak, but I'll get to that some day. For now, I'd like to share some photos. Some are taken from the summit of Progeny Peak facing south, and some are from the rocks on the south side of Highway 9 facing Progeny Peak. The 1st photo below is taken from the summit of Progeny Peak looking south. I've labeled the places where I took the next photos.

I really enjoy hiking around the east side of the park. Often it starts out innocent enough. I see something from the road and wonder if I can hike there. Then I do that. Later at home, I examine the photos I took along the way, or from that location, and I see new and interesting places to explore. So then my next visit includes hikes to those new places. This has gone on for years and it never gets old. The photo below is taken from the placed marked (A) in the top photo, looking north toward Progeny Peak.

The photo below is taken from the place marked (B) in the top photo, again looking toward Progeny Peak. I've hiked up/down that very steep sandstone face several times. It is dangerous and I'd rate it as class 4. I wear leather gloves, just in case I slip and need to arrest myself without losing all the flesh from my hands. I also wear extremely grippy shoes.

The photo below is taken from the place marked (C) in the top photo. Once up the steep hill, I've found a relatively easy route to reach the north rim of Parunuweap Canyon.

The next photo is taken from Progeny summit looking a bit to the southwest. On one trip I hiked out across that rock to a place right above the tunnel entrance and ranger post.

The next shot shows Progeny Peak from that vantage point (labeled as D in the shot above). It's hard to make out Progeny's summit, so I circled it.

And the next one is looking down at the ranger from that location.

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