Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lobotomy Bock Full Strength

Yesterday I stopped off at the Indian Wells Brewery and was pleased to discover that they sell the full strength Lobotomy Bock. I bought myself 2 cases. Here's the rub: the cases are not packed with all the same strength. Each case, and also each 6-pack, was packed with a mixture of the full strength and the weak versions. The young man there helped me to repack a couple cases with all full strength bottles.

Here's how you spot the difference. The full strength bottles have the old labels that clearly say "10.8%". I circled it in blue on the photo. The weaker version has no marking in that location on the label. Rick (founder of Indian Wells Brewery) kindly informed me that the weaker brew has an alcohol content of 7.2%.

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Leslie said...

Ah, nice to know it's still available when passing through that way. Thanks for the update.