Saturday, January 29, 2011

Aqueduct Road

I needed to get some fresh air so I went for a drive yesterday. I decided to drive the service road for the second Los Angeles Aqueduct. I drove the section from Jawbone Canyon OHV area north to Indian Wells. Here are some quick facts about the 2nd aqueduct. It was completed in 1970 after 5 years of construction. The cost was $89 million. It's comprised of 64 miles of concrete conduit, 69 miles of steel pipeline and 4 miles of "other facilities" for a total of 137 miles. The service road was well maintained and is far enough from the highway to make it a very peaceful and scenic drive.

The photo below shows Five Fingers, a popular rock climbing area. I've driven that road going up the hill, and it's quite steep and sandy in places. A little unnerving on the descent.

At Indian Wells, I picked up some of my favorite beer. Then I returned south by driving the service road for the HVDC Pacific DC Intertie. This road was a little rugged. I never had to raise the suspension, but I did have to go 5 mph in several places and even slower over some rocky sections.

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