Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bartlett Overlook Trail

The Bartlett Overlook Trail is #7 in Wells' book (rated "difficult") and trail #13 in Massey's book (rated 4). It was very remote and would have been less enjoyable on a hot or windy day.

There's only one tough spot where you have to get up a large step of rocks. There's no alternate route, and it's clear that people have tried to find one. I placed a map and DVD case in the next photos to show scale. I moved a few boulders and then just drove right up and over on the right side.

I was most worried about lack of traction due to my tire tread being filled with red mud. It worked out fine though. For grins, I setup a video camera beside the step to record it and see how much my tires slipped. This way I can correlate the feeling and sound I experience while driving with the actual amount the tires slipped. Here's a screencap of that video (the video itself is boring).

The views along this trail were stunning. No singular rock formation or object to focus on. Instead, you're treated to beautiful vistas with all nature of interesting formations for the eye to focus on.

Since it rained the previous night, there were a few puddles to drive through - properly coating the rover in red mud. Lots of fun!

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