Thursday, June 24, 2010

Backyard Critters

Nice weather has brought a variety of critters to my backyard each night. I've seen multiple cats, a raccoon, a opossum, many squirrels, and a rat. The raccoon has decided to poo in the middle of the yard each night. I've been capturing photos and videos using my Bushnell Trail camera. Pretty neat.

I haven't seen any skunks in many months, but sometimes I can smell their lingering aroma in the morning.

These are screencaps of video the camera recorded. At night, the scene appears black & white. During daylight, it's in color.

The raccoon is obviously eating the figs from one of the fig trees. I'm not sure what the opossum is eating, or what the cats are chasing. One cat appears to be sitting and watching something, which is probably a rat.

When the animal gets real close to the camera, they get washed out by the IR LEDs. One cat video shows a white blob with whiskers when it came to sniff the camera.

I'm getting tired of cleaning up after the raccoon, so tonight I'll setup the motion activated water sprinkler (Contech Scarecrow) and see if I can dissuade the guy from hanging around.

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Joe said...

Very cool pics. I need to do the same.