Sunday, May 16, 2010


I recently listened to the audiobook version of Switch - How to Change Things When Change is Hard, by Chip & Dan Heath. I got the book largely because I enjoyed their earlier book Made To Stick. Based on their Amazon reviews, a lot of people have enjoyed these books. I liked this book. It has some refreshing views on managing change. From changing mindsets or policies in the corporate world, to changing the behavior of your spouse. I'm considering buying the book so I can easily reference and use the material.

Here's a description I swiped from the authors' website for the book:
In Switch, the Heaths show how everyday people—employees and managers, parents and nurses—have united both minds and, as a result, achieved dramatic results:

- The lowly medical interns who managed to defeat an entrenched, decades-old medical practice that was endangering patients.
- The home-organizing guru who developed a simple technique for overcoming the dread of housekeeping.
- The manager who transformed a lackadaisical customer-support team into service zealots by removing a standard tool of customer service

In a compelling, story-driven narrative, the Heaths bring together decades of counterintuitive research in psychology, sociology, and other fields to shed new light on how we can effect transformative change. Switch shows that successful changes follow a pattern, a pattern you can use to make the changes that matter to you, whether your interest is in changing the world or changing your waistline.

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