Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Mojave Road - Eastern End

A few days ago I drove another section of the famous Mojave Road. This time I did the far eastern end, starting at the Avi Casino on the banks of the Colorado River and heading west to Cima Road. This is the funnest section I've driven so far.

You'll see a couple odd things in the next photo. Some of my shots are taken from inside - out the windshield. I had a couple noticeable smushed bugs in the camera FOV. Also, the windshield heater embedded wires create an odd series of almost vertical lines in the images.

It was a great day. The temps were below 80F with a very light breeze. I saw 2 turkey vultures soaring over me. I really liked this section here. The trail rolled over some fun little hills.

The beginning of the trail was not in my Garmin Nuvi map database, so I used the trail directions in Wells' book "Guide to Southern California Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails." This shot looks west across the Piute Valley.

The sandy road became more rocky and rough as I approached Ft. Piute.

The road across Lanfair Valley was typical.

Here's a shot of the old school bus.

And here's a VORTAC station in the middle of the desert.

I saw this new memorial for a local branch of the Nevada Southern Railway. This portion was built in 1893.

This trench-like section west of Lanfair Road was fun to drive.

Wells describes the hill at Watson Wash as steep, but I don't agree. It was fun, and the soft dirt made it slippery. But it's not what I'd call steep. These were the only other 4wd adventurers I came across out there.

You can't see it well in this photo, but this valley was full of color with yellow, red and blue flowers in bloom

It was a nice drive.


willywonka said...

5 stars
I was wondering if you have any pics of the MOJAVE RIVERS end.
like the end of the mojave river.

michael said...

I'm no expert, but I think the river ends in Soda Lake. I have no pics of there. I haven't yet driven that portion of the Mojave Road. I hope to do that soon.

I do have pics of crossing the river in Afton Canyon. They're at this previous post.