Monday, April 05, 2010

Owlshead Mountains Road

I finally got around to driving the very remote Owlshead Mountains Road on the southern end of Death Valley NP. This is the same road where 11 year old Carlos Sanchez died in August of 2009 (news article). I half expected to see a makeshift memorial, but didn't find any.

Road conditions were good and the 27 mile trip took about 1 hour. The beginning was signed with a warning of deep sand, but I didn't encounter any. At first, the road is a graded gully between tall berms.

The gate to Ft. Irwin was closed and I didn't see anything going on there.

Small flowers are in bloom all over the place.

The only rough spot was crossing the bajada southwest of Owl Lake (around the number "29" on the map above). A couple washes caused me to slow down. On the return trip, I forgot about this, and I left some metal from my front skid plate on a big rock in the washout. D'oh!

Here's the end of the road, before the spur up to the microwave tower.

The road up to the microwave tower was a little rocky, but still in good condition.

Here's a few photos from the top. The sky was hazy so that dulled the great view a little.

This is the second Earth Scope site that I've encountered. This earlier post describes one I found in the middle of the Mojave Natl Preserve.

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