Monday, October 12, 2009

Ed Viesturs, Mountain Climber Extraordinaire

I just finished the audiobook version of "No Shortcuts to the Top" by Ed Viesturs. It currently has 4 stars from 59 Amazon reviewers. Here's Ed's personal web site. He's leveraged his unique experience to become a successful public speaker.

This was a very interesting book. I know nothing of mountain climbing and it gave me a tiny taste of that world. While it was a bit more autobiographical than I would have liked, I still recommend it. I enjoyed it so much that I promptly added 3 DVDs about Everest to my Netflix queue. Two of those include Ed in them (the IMAX movie he helped film, and the NOVA show about his physiology when climbing).

Here are a few of the published reviews of this book:

"Ed Viesturs is not merely one of our strongest mountaineers; he’s also one of the most remarkable. He’s demonstrated that it’s possible to climb the world’s highest peaks without taking reckless chances, and without sacrificing one’s honor or integrity. He has never hesitated to help other climbers in need, even when it meant putting himself in danger or sacrificing his own opportunity to achieve a summit. Ed, simply put, is a genuine American hero.” —Jon Krakauer

"Ed Viesturs—the first American to climb all fourteen 8,000 meter peaks without bottled oxygen—is an animal. A human animal blessed with enormous strength balanced by intelligence, honesty, and a heart of gold. And besides, HE IS A NICE GUY.
This is a great read for those of us who climb, those who want to learn to climb and live to tell about it, and those who like great adventures." —Jim Whittaker, first American to climb Mount Everest

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Brewing said...

Thanks for the review Mike. I love climbing/mountaineering books. This book sounds like a good follow-up to a book I finished a few months back called, "High Crimes: The Fate of Everest in an Age of Greed." Here you'll read about climbers placing summit attempts above human life. Sounds like Ed is an honest climber I'd like to read about. Ed's book is definitely going on my wish list.