Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Wave

Last week I stopped off at the Paria Contact Station to enter the walkin permit lottery for hiking The Wave in the area called Coyote Buttes North. I did this 4 years ago and was lucky enough to win a permit and make the hike. This year wasn't so lucky.

There were 45 people there! Only 10 walking permits are awarded each day. Two groups who won permits early in the drawing had 3 and 4 people in them, leaving very few slots left.

I poorly framed the photo of the list showing the number of people for each day. I didn't capture the short part of the list at the bottom where one day had 75 people!

If you're interested, here's the official BLM page about the hiking permit process.

So, lacking a permit, I drove down to the Stateline Campground. It's a very nice little campground.

I also drove down to "The Notch" to look for the famed petroglyphs. I found none at the small parking area, so I hiked up above to see the trail leading off to the actual notch (see photo below). That's probably where the petroglyphs are located. I didn't hike there, since I think I'd need a permit.

I spent the day driving some of the 4wd trails in the area. I gambled and drove roads on my map (but not in my Garmin Nuvi). They showed hardly any signs of use and were a little difficult. I took almost no photos because my attention was so focused on the road.

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