Friday, August 14, 2009

Pacifico Mountain

This morning I drove up into the San Gabriel mountains to explore 3N17 east of Mill Creek Summit. I ended up driving the road from east to west, starting off the Angeles Crest Highway (2). I actually left the 2 at the Chilao Campground and turned north at the fire station onto the very scenic 3N14 road. Here's a photo of the 3N14 shelf road. This guy has posted many more photos.

That led me to 3N17 where I headed west. The road was in good condition and the weather was great. The spur up to Pacifico Mountain was a little more rugged and the morning sun was casting shadows that messed with my ability to judge the size of embedded boulders. But it was a great drive with a rewarding view from the campground. The top photo was taken looking north.

Turning onto the Angeles Forest Highway at Mill Creek Summit led me to a surprisingly pleasant drive back down into Pasadena. Since it's Friday, the normal weekend crowds were absent and I didn't have to face the deadly thrill of psycho drivers and motorcycle riders that like to cross over into the oncoming lane at each twisty turn (each risking a likely unsurvivable headon with my 3 ton truck).

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