Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Zion Trip - New Favorite Hotel

Last week I went to Zion NP to do some hiking. I wanted to beat the crowds of the upcoming holiday. A Zion shuttle bus drive once reported that Memorial Day and Veterans Day holidays bring the largest crowds at Zion.

I stayed at the Cliffrose Lodge on this trip. The weather forecast was for hot weather and I wasn't in the mood to camp in the heat. I tried to get a room at my favorite, Flanigan's Inn, but none was available. I'm kind of glad for the change, because Cliffrose is my new favorite hotel in Springdale. The room is plenty large enough, with a mini-fridge and a large screen LCD HDTV with DirecTV. I had more channels of TV than I've had at any other hotel in Sprindgale that I've previously stayed at. I had a nice view of the red-orange cliffs and a grassy area with flower gardens fronting the Virgin River. They also have a nice pool and spa area. I plan to stay there again.

Unfortunately, I didn't see any big horn sheep on this trip. And the girl at the pizza place said they were common sights now on the east side. I also didn't get attacked by peregrine falcons (like last year). I think I saw a pair off in the distance, but that's about it. And lastly, no huge condors flew up and landed near me, watching me as if I was his next meal (like my last trip). So this was a relatively uneventful trip, as far as wildlife goes.

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