Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wildrose Camp

This time of year it's difficult to get a camp site at the Furnace Creek campground, so we headed to Wildrose Campground where they don't take reservations. The 4100 foot elevation meant cooler temps than in the main valley. Here's the NPS web page listing the campgrounds in Death Valley. We were surprised to see so many people arriving at the campground after we got there. There's nothing special there. No trees, no shade. Just a series of terraces of flat dirt areas. The pit toilets, fire rings, tables, and water spigots were handy. After setting up camp, we drove up the canyon to check out the charcoal kilns.

Then we continued up to the Mahogony Flat campground above 8,000 feet elevation to check out the views down to Badwater. On the drive down, the dusty road and setting sun made for a neat photo.

This turned out to be a nice place to camp. Even the pit toilet was nice: it didn't smell! The door didn't latch, but hey! ... It didn't smell!

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