Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My New Nemesis Hill at Zion

I tried again (and failed again) to reach the summit of an unnamed hill on the east side of the park. This was my 5th attempt (each along a different route). I was unnerved with how fast I was able to get myself into trouble. Within a hour of starting off, I had climbed up a scary-steep sandstone slope only to be stopped by a barrier. Then I had to scoot down a 6 foot section on my butt. It's harder to go down than it is to go up, and I seem to forget that ... a lot. An hour later I had succeeded in going around that barrier and made it to the place (the "Y" shaped tree in the photos) where I thought there'd be access to the next (less steep) section leading to the top. I was wrong. This route provided handy access to an 80 foot drop. Yikes!

I'll try again on my next trip to Zion.

Then I went off to try and climb another hill that drew my attention. I'd printed a view in Google Earth, and hand-drawn a possible route. LOL That failed. The topo map (and Google Earth) didn't show the 60 foot deep slot canyon full of water that I needed to cross. So I picked another route. A very very steep route. It was fun.

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