Monday, May 18, 2009

Mojave Phone Booth and Then Some

I needed to get away from the crowds of Los Angeles, so I went for a drive in the Mojave National Preserve. I decided to visit the site of the once-famous Mojave phone booth. There used to be a working phone booth in the middle of nowhere. The number was posted on the internet and people would go there to answer the phone - yes, people around the world would call that number all the time. It was removed around 2000. Today there are no remnants of it, even less than on my previous visit about 6 years ago.

I encountered a man out there who was lost. He was looking for Cow Cove, to visit the petroglyphs there. He had a good map but no GPS navigation system (which is very very helpful out there because of the many unmapped roads). I gave him directions and made a mental note to go there someday - I didn't know about the petroglyphs there. Be careful if you drive on these roads, some of them have deep sand (9 inches deep or more) and 4WD with high clearance is necessary.

I decided to drive another section of the famous historic Mojave Road. It's in all the 4wd trail books and almost every weekend (except for mid summer) is traveled by various off road recreation clubs. I drove the section between Cima Road and Kelbaker Road. Half of that section is very very undulating. It's not that annoying, but does limit your speed quite a bit. They barely show up in this photo - due to limited shadowing from the mid day sun.

Here's my photo of the Mojave Road Mailbox. If you're interested, you can google any of these terms for much more info.

Here's the plaque that's on a big concrete monolith where the Mojave Road hits Cima Road.

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