Monday, May 11, 2009

Camp Cady

A few weeks ago I followed John to visit Camp Cady, a water hole in the middle of nowhere in the Mojave desert. Formerly a military base around 1860 to protect wagon trains from Piute indian attacks, it's now a wildlife area under the California Department of Fish and Game. Here's the official web site. There are volunteers onsite as caretakers.

This site has a photograph of the original fort. I saw nothing there that looked like that.

My photos are pretty lame compared to some that I've seen online. I lack good composition skills with barns and related items.

The last pic is a gratuitous kid shot. Earlier in the morning I happened to have all of us in one shot. That's Ian trying to escape through the window. His little brother, Wes, is seen in reflection cleaning my parking sensors. Kinda handy, he is!

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