Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Alabama Hills

Joe and Jenn joined me for a little camping and off-roading in the Lone Pine and Death Valley area. After meeting up in Mojave, our first stop was to check out the jet planes stored on the outskirts of the Mojave Airport. This is a small boneyard, but still kinda interesting.

Then we stopped off at the Jawbone Canyon OHV area just to get the SUVs a little dirty. I led Joe to a short but steep hill, then over to the aqueduct service road for a nice view.

We then headed north to the Alabama Hills, outside Lone Pine. Here's a shot of our trucks looking through an arch. This site has a nice description of arches in that area, but you can find more by googling.

Mt. Whitney was shrouded in clouds as we drove around the roads. It was great to have many of them in the Garmin GPS database.

We started driving roads we didn't see in the GPS, just to see if they were any more challenging. The weather was great. Here's a photo looking east.

I only took one video there, so here's a screencap from that.

Then we settled down to camp at Diaz Lake, which is actually on LADWP land. It was nicer than I expected. We were far enough from the highway that the road noise was hardly noticeable. Here's the Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce page listing camping options in that area. Joe's got a propane-powered lantern that really lights up the camp site.

Joe and Jenn were astonished by the animal sounds at night. It didn't phase me that much. The wind kept me from sleeping too soundly, but I knew that meant the weather front was moving out - which was a good thing.

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Joe said...

I've been camping all my life. That was the noisiest night ever. It didn't bother me, it was just so unusual. Great trip.