Saturday, March 21, 2009

Globe Canyon

Here's a few photos I took on an adventure I had one year ago. Mark and I drove up into Globe Canyon, which is north east of Kelso, CA in the Mojave National Preserve. It was partly sad because of all the dead trees, burned in the 2005 Hackberry Complex wildfires. Those fires burned over 70,000 acres and were fought by over 1,100 firefighters. Here's a link to a PDF file from the National Park Service that summarizes the fire.

You can see from the first photo that we had to stop when the road became too rough for Mark's VW Thing as well as my Acura MDX. I'm pretty sure that my new Land Rover can get aways further. Here's a Google Map centered on this area of the canyon.

I was surprised to see cattle there. We also checked out a guzzler that provides sheltered access to collected water for smaller animals and birds. The final photo is just one of those where I suddenly realize that I ought to take a photo of what I'm seeing as I drive.

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