Sunday, February 01, 2009

Land Rover Zip Ties

I've discovered that Land Rover uses zip-ties to hold rubber dust boots onto the bottom of the rear shock absorber air canisters. This was surprising, mostly because one of them broke. After about 15k miles, the dust boot was sagging down, being slowly worn away by rubbing against various metal rods down there. I took it in to the dealership, who, in their predictable insanity took 3 hours to perform the 5 minute job of replacing the zip tie. Actually, they used 3 zip ties in series to make it around the approximately 6.5 inch diameter canister. You can see the zip tie dangling loose in the first photo.

About 3k miles later, that very zip tie broke. So this time I decided to not tolerate the very poor service of the Pasadena Land Rover dealership. I replaced the zip tie with a hose clamp. You can see from the photo that it fits perfectly. I'm not sure just how well it will hold up, so I'll check it's tightness from time to time before I trust it.

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