Monday, January 19, 2009

Crossing the Mojave River

Yesterday I was out in the desert with some friends and we spent some time having fun crossing the Mojave River at Afton Canyon. Here's a Google map centered on that river crossing point. I recorded some video from the roof on my first crossing. It was much easier than I expected.

Later in the day I went through it a few more times and got video footage from the ground.

John crossed it many times in his new Jeep. You can see from the photo that the Jeep doesn't so much cross the river, as it simply pushes the water to the other side.

Mark even drove his VW Thing through it! That was amazing.

He was confident that we could easily pull him out if it got stuck. Earlier in the day we pulled out a stranger who drove his Dodge Durango in and promptly got stuck and the engine died right in the middle. I had a hitch receiver shackle and John used his tow straps and pulled the guy right out with his Jeep. A few minutes later, the Durango started up again.

I'll try to post a video later.

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