Sunday, January 04, 2009

2009 Adventures

With the new year begun, I thought I'd review my adventure plans for 2009.

Zion Off Trail Hike There's this hill on the north side of highway 9, just east of the big tunnel. I've tried to reach the top 5 times now. I'll keep trying until I either reach the top, or exhaust all possible routes. Gene bet me that I wouldn't make it.

Eureka Dunes & Steel Pass The challenging 4wd route through Dedeckera Canyon and over Steel Pass beckons me and my new truck. This site has some very helpful photos and maps. The remoteness requires at least 1 night of camping, so this is tougher to schedule. I've ordered a jerrycan for the extra fuel I'll need, and next I need to get a hitch cargo carrier.

Yosemite I haven't yet hiked the Clouds Rest trail and I want to do that. I still hope to find the time to hike up Mt. Dana. And I may try hiking off trail to reach the top of Polly Dome; that looks like a nice half-day adventure. I'll continue my efforts to hike up Mariuolumne Dome. I got kinda lost on my first attempt.

Mojave Desert I'd like to hike up Kokoweef Peak, as well as Cowhole Mountain.

South Park There's a place high in the moutains east of Ballarat called South Park. It's a meadow-like area with terrific views across Butte Valley and is only accessible via 4wd trails from the west.

Toroweap I want to return to camp at Toroweap. I've been there several times before and it's a stunningly beautiful place.

Sierra Trails I didn't make it up north in 2008 to drive some of the Sierra 4wd trails with friends. I hope to get up there to drive some of the great trails in the Tahoe area and I'm sure to find more if I look hard enough.

On review, the list isn't very challenging. I must subconsciously be wanting to slack off for 2009. I need to find some real challenges to throw into the mix. I welcome any suggestions you may offer.


Bbk said...

Hahaha, that's great. Hope you make it to the top of that off-trail hike! Take pictures!

michael said...

I forgot to include: return to The Wave sandstone formation in AZ. I want to hike around on the hills there in Coyote Buttes North. I may combine that with the Toroweap trip.