Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jawbone Canyon

Yesterday I went for a drive in the Jawbone Canyon OHV recreation area located 20 miles north of Mojave, CA. I wanted to drive up the steep switchbacks of the Geringer Grade into the Sequoia National Forest and then return down the easier grade on Piute Mountain Road.

Geringer Grade wasn't as steep as I remembered it. But the Land Rover does make some roads much easiser to drive than my old MDX. The forest was peaceful. But it was sad to see the remains of this summer's Landers fire that burned much of that area.

Here's a zipped KML file (right click and save the file) that will let you see my route in Google Earth. [Note: I hope these work for everyone. Some of my tests result in GE crashing when I double click on the KML file, but work fine when I open the kml file from within GE.]

I passed the Sageland monolith along the way. It's an interesting read. I found a website that said 800-1000 people lived in Sageland before a mass exodus around 1869 to the silver mining districts of Nevada.

I doubled back on this narrow trail because too much scrub was rubbing against my truck.

When I returned to the OHV area, I explored some of the powerline roads and the BLM trails and the aqueduct service roads. One road follows the aqueduct up the steep hillside. My inclinometer said it was about 20 degrees incline. Fun!

I got out and took a photo looking back down.

Two huge steel pipelines carry the Los Angeles Aqueduct through Jawbone Canyon here. One is black and the other is white. The Center For Land Use Interpretation has some nifty trivia about it here. Here's the LADWP facts page for that aqueduct.

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