Saturday, September 13, 2008

Camping Along Rock Creek

On Labor Day weekend I went camping in Rock Creek Canyon, northwest of Bishop. There are 13 campgrounds in that canyon and I was lucky to find empty unreserved sites in the biggest: East Fork. It was great. I needed some time away to catch up on some reading. I was treated to an amazing star display in the evenings, thanks to the 9,000 ft elevation.
The East Fork campground is different from those I normally visit in Yosemite and Zion. The canyon prevents an open expansive flat area for campsites, and so the sites are mostly along the hillside. Most of them have a parking spot that's 5 to 12 feet above or below the small area with a picnic table and fire pit. Also, the sites are separated by a greater distance than those in Yosemite and Zion. That resulted in a greater sense of privacy and less noise from neighboring campers.

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