Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Spycraft, The Book

I recently finished the new book "Spycraft" by Robert Wallace and H. Keith Melton. It's about the real world spy gadgets developed and used by the CIA. The book currently has 5 (out of 5) stars from 20 Amazon reviewers. Wallace is the former head of the CIA's Office of Technical Services (OTS), so he certainly is an authoritative voice on the topic.

Knowing that the CIA has approved every word in the book, I was worried that it would be filled with information that was horribly old and dated about things so far in the past that I would be bored and lose interest. I was pleasantly surprised. It held my attention and was actually very interesting. I recommend this book for anyone with a voyeuristic interest in espionage or spy gadgetry.

As usual, I bought the audiobook, which is almost 20 hours long. It's good that it was packaged as 2 MP3 CDs, since it would have required many many audio CDs for that long of a book. The CDs also include all the photographs from the book.

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