Sunday, July 13, 2008

Climbing Domes Near Tuolumne Meadows

My trip to Yosemite over the holiday was very pleasant. Here's one of my adventures.

After deciding that I was too out of shape to hike up Tenaya Peak, I decided to hike around on some domes on the west side of Tuolumne Meadows. I started with the ever popular Pothole Dome. But I decided to not take the easy route that the tourists use. I just walked right up the front side. It's not very steep and I didn't need to use my sticky shoes.

Then I looked back down on the small parking area. It wasn't very crowded that day.

In the next shot showing Tuolumne Meadows, you can see the tourists walking down the easy route on the east side.

In the distance to the south east, I could also see snow up on the base of Unicorn Peak, Mount Althuski and Cockscomb. Some day I might climb up Unicorn.

Then I looked to the northwest and saw another dome. It looked easy enough to climb, so I later drove a quarter mile west and walked through the woods to find it. It was a little more difficult with one short class 3 section and I did use my sticky shoes.

Here's the view from the top, looking back over Pothole Dome toward Unicorn Peak.

But then I turned west and saw an even bigger dome! It looked to be an easy hike to the top, if I approached from the northeast side.

Here's the view from the top to the south east across the previous 2 domes. After checking all my maps and googling, I could not find names for this or the other dome.

Here's a beautiful meadow that's to the northeast.

This shot is looking south. From left to right, you can see Fairview Dome, Cathedral Peak, Tressider Peak, Tenaya Peak, and Medlicott Dome. I sat there for a while, enjoying the view and solitude.


Bbk said...

That last shot is incredible! Looks like a fun trip.

Joe said...

Beautiful photos. Too bad you couldn't make it to Tenaya, but it's good to be modest. Now you have a goal for next time!