Sunday, June 01, 2008

Riley's Famous Cross in the Mojave Desert

A couple years ago I mentioned the cross that was erected in the Mojave desert by the old prospector, Riley Bembry, who lived out there. This story doesn't seem to go away. Here's a news story from 2007 about it that actually includes a rare photo of the cross. Here's a 2005 story about it.

Yesterday I stopped off to take these pics of the cross as it is today. They've kept it covered over the years. It appears to have a relatively new wooden cover on it. I've camped at sunrise rock many times. It's a great location for primitive camping. I've also climbed up to the top of Kessler Peak just to the east of this location.


Anonymous said...

This man was a relative of mine. This cross was put up long before the govt took over this land. Why all the problems now? This should be a historic marker rather than a Supreme Court case.

michael said...

Sometimes I really wonder just exactly what the ACLU is trying to accomplish in their cases. I don't mind the cross and don't see any obligation for the US government to scrub clean wilderness lands they turn into parks/preserves so they don't "offend" anybody. But I worry that the Supreme Court may rule that the plaintiff has no standing, and let the lower court's ruling stay. Frank Buono is a self-righteous boob (IMHO). There are several recent posts on the topic at