Sunday, June 22, 2008

Monkey Rock

On my way back to LA, I stopped in Lone Pine for a bite to eat, as I often do. That town seems to be perfectly located for that. I took the opportunity to read parts of the local newspaper, the Territorial Review. A couple items drew my attention.

Monkey Rock is the house-sized rock with a painted face that sits on the north side of Whitney Portal Road west of town. It got its name because it was originally painted with a monkey's face. A couple weeks ago I saw that it sported a full-lipped female face with long eyelashes. It also recently had a menacing monster face. Nobody knows who's doing this. The townspeople had recently responded to a poll as to whether or not they liked Monkey Rock. Not surprisingly, the vast majority (88%) were against it. The reasons listed in the article included: it encourages graffiti; it's vandalism; it spoils the natural beauty of the area.

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