Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Found An Arch

OK, it's not a "freestanding" arch. While hiking up the hill on the north side of highway 9, I looked off to the WNW and saw an arch in the side of a huge hill. At the time, I was standing roughly at the center of this Google Maps frame - near the northern edge of that slick rock area.

On my next trip to Zion, I'll hike over there and get a better look. I could even see what looked like a trail heading that direction. I later asked the people at the Backcountry Permits counter about it and they had no knowledge of it. They encouraged me to check some guy's blog - they said he hikes the east area a lot and might have named that arch. Of course, that just made me wonder ... so ... if I find an arch ... a new arch ... then I get to name it? Sorta like stars, I guess.


david santos said...

Excellent work, my friend, excellent!
Happy day

Joe said...

What's the link to the blog you've mentioned?