Sunday, June 22, 2008

Filming in Lone Pine

Lone Pine played host to some location shooting for the new Iron Man movie. I actually recognize one of the shots. If you've ever been to the Alabama Hills west of Lone Pine, then you too will recognize this shot.

Spring time is a favorite for filming around Lone Pine because of the clear skies, nice weather, and snow covered sierra peaks. This past April and May saw commercial filming for BMW, Land Rover, Nissan Xterra, Lancia (and Italian car), and a Samsung credit card (for the South Korean market).

The BMW commercial was set in Tibet and the film crew brought their own yak for filming along with Tibetans from the Los Angeles area. The yak was boarded at the rodeo grounds. No word on the Tibetans.

The Land Rover commercial was shot in about 10 different places around town. That crew brought in their own saguaro cactus made of plastic. One of the scenes involved shooting on Whitney Portal Road on the weekend, which the USFS doesn't allow due to recreational visitors and the understandable traffic control problems. They ended up shooting that scene on a Friday.

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