Sunday, June 01, 2008

Columbia Mountain Hike

Yesterday I took a nice scenic drive in the Mojave National Preserve. I had a list of places to visit and a few hills that I might hike up. Since it's early in the hiking season for me and so I'm not in great shape, I decided to hike up Columbia Mountain off Macedonia Canyon trail road. Basically, it's in the middle of nowhere.

I read about it in Andy Zdon's book, Desert Summits. If I was in better shape, then I would have probably hiked up Pinto Mountain, that's a little to the north east from Columbia Mountain.

The first photo shows my car parked in the wash with Columbia Mountain in the background. Note: IMO this hill is way too small to be called a "mountain." The second shot is from the summit looking back down on my car. The third is using my camera's 12x zoom.

The 4th pic is looking south west toward the Kelso dunes. The view was great, but the light breeze wasn't enough to keep the swarm of flies at bay. It took me 35 minutes to hike up and 20 minutes to descend. I slipped once on loose rocks and fell into some cactus, giving me several bleeding wounds that may take weeks to heal. When I was visiting the Hole in the Wall visitor center, the female ranger expressed concern over my bloody leg. I reassured her that I'd already sealed that one in spray-on band-aid goo so I can clean it up more later.

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