Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Comparing Car Scratch Removers

Before I sold my Acura MDX I faced a challenge of removing as much of the "desert pinstriping" scratches from the finish as possible ... without paying too much in time, effort, or money. I chose to not pay a detail shop to buff them out. This choice was partly out of my stinginess, and partly out of curiousity about the new scratch remover products that I've seen for sale in the auto supply stores.

I tried 3 products: Mothers Scratch Remover, NuFinish Scratch Doctor, and QUIXX. A friend played the role of impartial judge. Here's the results:

Worst - but still pretty good: Mothers Scratch Remover
Middle (but the best for large areas) - NuFinish Scratch Doctor
Best (and rated best by Consumer Reports and other groups) - Quixx

Quixx comes in a very small tube - the size of a tube of travel toothpaste - and it is very expensive. Therefore it would be prohibitive to use on a large area. But for the occassional scratch from a kid's bike handlebars, it's definitely the way to go.

For large areas - such as the results of my desert pinstriping - then NuFinish wins. I have trashed the Mothers product and have kept the other two for future use.

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Car Scratch Remover said...

I am satisfied with your review, scratch remover pen are better than rubbing substances as it will work only on scratches rather than other painted area. So car scratch remover pen is best for small scratch and rubbing substance for large size scratch.