Monday, December 31, 2007

How Did My Last Stock Picks Do?

Way back on July 15th I mentioned 3 stocks that were on my watch list. Normally I would try to give a report card after a quarter, but I just forgot. Sorry. It's probably for the best since the market's been acting really quirky lately.

So here's the scoop. I had mentioned COP, CBI, and FXI as covering oil, infrastructure, and China respectively. As of today, here's what those stock have done: COP is up 1.3% CBI is up 40% and FXI is up 22.8% All told, not too bad. For the record, I did not own any of those stocks during that time period. Most of my money has been in cash lately, and what little trading I've done has been in Apple and a few others. I don't have any new stocks for my watch list just yet, mostly because the market volatility makes it hard to see clear winners.

Remember: Never buy a stock because I mention it. I am an idiot. Please do your own homework, afterall that's the fun part.

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