Saturday, October 27, 2007

Straight Roads Draw My Attention

It's often surprising to me when I see a very straight road. It shouldn't be. Road construction is managed by civil engineers, who use surveying which is well suited for straight lines. Straight roads consume minimal materials and labor for construction and maintenance. It all makes sense. I guess it's just my understanding that, in a natural environment setting, straight lines are a clear indication of something made by humans. I saw this even on my recent trip to the panamint dunes. I spotted a dark shape that appeared straight. I figured it must be man-made, so I hiked over to it to discover a fallen sign prohibiting motorized vehicles. And so another vote is registered in my mind's life-long tally of "things that appear straight." It was oddly mezmorizing though. The photo is taken looking east across Panamint Valley down highway 190 in the early morning.


Joe said...

I wish mountain roads were straight.

michael said...

That could be very fun! And a great place for kids to ride skateboards or street luges.