Thursday, July 26, 2007


I just finished the book titled "Richistan" by Robert Frank. The book is about rich people. But not just the millionaire next door kind of rich people. This book is about the obscenely rich people, their lifestyles, their problems, and their luxuries. Frank is a writer for the Wall Street Journal, and even authors their related blog "The Wealth Report" where he posts about a variety of topics surrounding the mystique that is the uber-rich. His latest post is about Larry Ellison's apparent plans to have a new yacht custom built for him because his current one, Rising Sun, is too big. I doubt Frank will be posting anything even mildly negative about zillionaire Rupert Murdoch any time soon.

The book currently has 4.5 (of 5) stars from 15 Amazon reviewers. Here's the publisher's site for this book. I enjoyed this book. Mostly because it presented me with a lot of information that I hadn't previously known. I learned from it. I'm not sure that the knowledge is useful. But it's definitely interesting. The first chapter grabbed me with a description of the booming market in butlers and related household staff brought about by the boom in millionaries. This demand has even spawned several new schools that focus on training young people for those roles. They have the contemporary title of "household manager" and even get certified as CHM (Certified Household Manager). Not surprisingly, the successful ones tend to be very adept at wrangling spreadsheets and managing contractors, vendors, subordinate staff, and even the family members. One school he highlited is the Starkey Institute in Denver and also mentioned related jobs sites for would be neuvo-butlers like

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