Monday, July 30, 2007

RC Helicopter

I bought toy RC helicopter! I had seen this thing at Fry's a couple times and I broke down and bought it the other day for my birthday. It was actually $10 more expensive at Fry's than shown here on Amazon. It's a lot more fun than I imagined it would be. It's also a lot harder than I imagined. It's more of a toy than a traditional RC helicopter. It has only 2 channels, and I'm still not sure if those have ANY effect on the direction of flight. I must have spent 30 minutes in my back yard repeatedly doing this: launch, crash, repeat. It was consuming. Sorta like the way it would understandably work on a 12 year old boy. Maybe we don't grow out of that kind of thing.

It weighs so little that it can even trip over the grass in the yard and it has a rotational bias causing it to spin without some very carefully applied controls. I still can't get it to maintain a steady bearing. It launches very fast and quickly gets way too high. But then I just let off the power and let it drop, then reapply power to decelerate (or even stop) before hitting the grass. It is certainly not an indoor toy, but it seems to have enough power to work fine in the back yard. This was sooo fun! It makes me want to get a real RC helicopter. I figured it'd last a couple days before I crashed it. The package includes information and a website URL for buying replacement parts! How prescient, they are.

So, I had some fun this weekend, and never did quite get the hang of it. Then I took it over to some friends' house and we all took turns flying it around their back yard. I'm not sure "flying" is the right word to use. It was more like: launching it and desperately trying to control the spin before it soared too high or drifted into the shrubs, flowers, lawn, kids' slide, or house. It's very fun! It's sorta addicting. You want to keep trying it, because with each attempt you seem to gain a little more feel for it. It lands/crashes with a bounce on the grass, and even on the patio. Plants safely snare it with no damage. And then it happened.

Thrilled with the joy of magically getting it to fly around the back yard, Kendra was not able to avoid the house that approached dangerously. In her defense, we have yet to actually control its direction. It dropped quickly after one of its main rotors broke off. Still fun, actually. Now I get to repair it. Wes suggested this is a great opportunity to modify the tail rotor to hopefully reduce the wild spinning. If you haven't tried these things, then you should. Great food for the kid inside us all.

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Ferdowsi said...

When will this be making it's debut in the area around 301-145?