Sunday, July 15, 2007

How Did My Last Quarter's Stock Picks Do?

On March 25, I posted a few stocks that had made it to my watch list. They were: CHAP, PCP, GT, SHW, and T. Once again, I'm sad to have not put any money into these positions because they performed better than most of the positions that I held this past quarter. CHAP gained 50%, but that was mostly due to their public search for somebody to buy their company and the recent news of their pending acquisition by Gerdau Ameristeel (GNA). PCP is up 27%. GT has gained 19%. SHW dropped 1%. And finally, T gained 4%, which is much less than I would have expected. I suspect that T (ATT) will rise more after their upcoming earnings call due to any news quantifying the growth of customers resulting from iPhone users who left other providers.

My current watch list favorites include members off 3 areas: oil, international infrastructure, and china. I am now watching COP, CBI, and FXI. I currently don't own these, although I did recently make a quick 6.2% over 7 weeks with CBI. I was tempted to stay long, but the indicators suggested I sell (the recent market drop) and I heeded them (for a change!).

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