Sunday, April 08, 2007

Turquoise Mountain

Yesterday I ventured to the top of Turquoise Mountain in the Mojave desert, northeast of Baker, CA. There's no challenge, since I just drove the 9 miles of crumbling asphalt road up to the top where a very large installation of microwave towers is located. I had originally planned to hike around on Cave Mountain, but the winds were too strong for my taste because it's very steep and dizzying there and the winds would mess up my normal mountain goat-like balancing abilities. I created a map using the new Google My Maps feature.

I didn't notice any turquoise stones on turquoise mountain. In fact, most of the rocks there are bright pink. I brought my handheld electric/magnetic/microwave field strength meter. I have the Trifield Meter, which is available online and at Fry's stores. This is the first time that I had pegged it out. I pegged the "radio/microwave" meter when I was on Turquoise Mountain. That means that it was sensing 1 mW/cm2. Of course, I was standing 25 feet from a 3 m high gain antenna. Earlier in the day, at the base of Cave Mountain, I measured the magnetic and electirc fields while standing under the high voltage power line and the meter peaked at 100 milligaus for magnetic field strength. The electric field strength was 10 kV/m.

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