Sunday, April 08, 2007

Latest Book: A Little History of the World

I just finished listening to "A Little History of the World" by E. H. Gombrich. The hardcover version currently has 5/5 stars from 28 Amazon reviewers. Originally published in 1935 in German and subsequently translated into 18 languages, it was only recently translated into English. It's intended for a youth audience and is probably a lot more readable for them than the traditional dry history texts. I enjoyed this meandering tale of human history from ancient times (e.g., Cyrus the Great) to the end of World War 2. It made me look up quite a few things in Wikipedia. I even noticed a few European-centric views, and that was refreshing.

Coincidentally, it was read by Ralph Cosham, who read another audio book that I recently finished: John Milton's Paradise Lost. I enjoyed listening to that. If I had tried to read it, I would not have understood any of it. But, like the works of Shakespear, I seem to understand it fine when I hear it.

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That Aero guy said...

I too have trouble reading Shakespeare, but I saw Twelfth Night at my kid's school, and it was hilarious. It really helps to see it presented.